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Religion vs Teen Pregnancy

So, interesting thing here, polls show that Mississippi is the most religious state in America with 59% of the population being ‘very religious’. The least religious states are New Hampshire and Vermont which are tied at 23%.

SO that was a thing that happened.

Then something else came out. Something that some people out there, much like myself so take what I say with a grain of salt here, might find hilarious.

That something being the CDC report that was released showed the highest rate of teen pregnancy was, wait for it, Mississippi! Yes that’s right the most religious state in America reported an average 55 births per 1000 teens.

Oh wait no, no, it get’s even better. The state with the least teenage births? New Hampshire. New Hampshire came into last place with 15.7 births per thousand teens. That’s half the country average.

So, hey that was a thing. 

Cabbie Killer News

On August 23, 2011 North Carolina cab driver Adam Williams was robbed and murdered, not necessarily in that order, after being dispatched to a Fuddruckers parking lot.

Why are you hearing about this in April of 2012? Because the allegeded killers have been arrested! Emily Stames and Courtney Tyree, both 16, are facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit robery, robery with a dangerous weapon and obstruction of justice. Also arrested on similar charges were two unnamed boys and a third boy is being charged as an accessory.

If convicted of murder the pair could be sentenced to life in prison, if convicted of all charges they could be sentenced an extra 23 years. Consecutive life sentences.

F*ck It Thoughts

Our debt is ridiculously high, raise my taxes I’m cool with it. When our country built the highways and infastructure that it runs on today, and is now crumbling, was built during an era when we had like 90% taxes but people were ok with it because it worked. Maybe we sould try that again? It’s cool if you disagree, nobody likes the idea shelling out more money to the government.

Drunken Debauchery News :8

38 year old Ernest Vannier was arrested after biting off a bartender’s finger. Wait! Wait… it gets better. He was being forcibly ejected from the bar for commiting a ’sex act’ with another person in a designated smoking room. Vannier is being held on assault charges and the finger’s been reattached. It’s all good now. 

Porn News :D that has nothing to do with sex :\

Oakdale, Minnesota 

Mike Stone did not have a date for prom. Mike Stone did however have a twitter account. And in what could be the best proof that true love exist in this century, cause let’s face it twilight sucks, Mike Stone used that twitter account to proposition one porn star after another, after another, after another, after another, after another and so on to go to prom with him.

Mike Stone was shot down again and again until he reached Megan Piper. Megan Piper agreed to go to prom with Mike Stone provided that he paid for her travel fees. 

But then the principal of the highschool said no, no that can’t happen. He cited school and district policy saying that students are prohibited from disruptive acts and that they can’t have her because it would be bad for the school, something that is also against the rules.

So to Mike Stone I say:

Screw prom, you have the opportunity to get to third base with a very attractive female that knows her way around that baseball diamond, you should just throw a party that is cooler than prom.

To the school I say:

Ok I get it, but still it would’ve been awesome. 

Amelia Earhart Lost… and found? I’m not entirely sure…

So we maybe found the wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s plane off the coast of the pacific island Nikumaroro, but we won’t be sure until July when there will be an expedition. The search for the female flyer was renewed after a photo seemingly showed the landing gear of her plane potruding from the water. So… yeah sort of unconfirmed news.


goodnight everyone :)

Superman: Not the World’s Greatest Detective.


goodnight everyone :)

Superman: Not the World’s Greatest Detective.

Wow, Holy Sh*t, I Can’t believe That Happened News

"How does evolution kill black people?" 

This was asked by a Jonatha Carr in the middle of a lecture on evolution in her college Florida Atlantic University. Her professor Stephen Kajiura tried to explain to her that evolution does not kill black people, evolution does not kill people, evolution doesn’t kill. 

Jonatha Carr’s reaction was… ehh… a little extreme.

She began yelling at the teacher, swearing, saying things like “I will kill the fuck out of you.” or “White-fucking-motha-fuckas will die” or “I hate this shit” or “You are fucking sick” or “Shut the fuck up before I fucking kill you.” she accused students of not being black and became ‘increasingly belligerent’. After accusing people of not being black she turned to the class and began shouting and pointing “You a nigga, you a nigga, you a nigga” 

I mean holy shit how stupid are you that you do that, on camera. Not only did Jonatha address people filming the friggin’ pompeii level erruption of crazy, she told them to put it on YouTube. 

She was removed from the university after a bit of a struggle and then lost her shit outside and was tased. She was then subject to a mandatory psych evaluation and I lost track of the whole thing after that. But holy shit! 


A dutch mechanical engineer has achieved flight. Now for those of you out there who are like oh no big deal we’ve got planes, HE FLEW WITHOUT A PLANE OR HELICOPTER OR WHAT-HAVE-YOU! Jarno Smeets created remote control wings which were controlled by 2 wii remotes and an android phone. He designed the wings based on the albatross, a large sea bird, among the largest with a wingspan of 11 feet, Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs and the mechanics of robot prosthesis. The flight lasted a total of 60 seconds, one minute for the mathematically/time challenged and afterwards he said on his YouTube page “I have always dreamed about this. But after 8 months of hard work, research and testing it all payed off,”. 

So there you have it, self-made wings can be used for flight.

Except there are some critics who say that the video is a hoax due to the guys position during the flight and— I DON’T CARE AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED HE FLEW!

No I’m not being close minded the video was later analyzed after its authenticity was questioned and reported to be real.

More. Fear. News.

Recently health officials have come out saying the Olympics could result in a major US outbreak of the measels and encourage tourists to get vaccinations. Now I know I’m a paranoid freak but this seems really, really unnecessary. I have been to Israel, and all over Europe and I have never contracted measels. Now if they were really concerned about disease from the olympics they’d be warning tourists about disease from all over the world.

Now I’d be a lot more comfortable if they were like ‘John Doe’ said blankity blank blank. Ok, but the literally said ‘officials’. They are giving paranoid people like me reasons to say ‘oh it’s a faceless machine that promotes fear for profit.’

That’s all, take this rant with a grain of salt.